by Penmanship

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released October 1, 2011

David Ahuja | Drums
Bryan Louie | Guitar and Vocals
Julian Pellicone | Guitar/Bass
Kevin Spacht | Bass/Guitar
Recorded by Jesse Cannon & Mike Oettinger
@ Cannonfoundstudios
Mastered by Jamal Ruhe
@ Westwestsidemusic



all rights reserved


Penmanship Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Clumsy To Repair
So old clumsy to repair, easy to defend, I won't be sold
The home, the teeth fall and grind
Changes every year, reset all your phones
And its easy to remember the days gone by
And its ok if we don't
To stay in past advancements wouldn't clean out our lives
I refuse to see them go
The tables sit empty inside, muted yellow hues
We sell or we don't
The fools hunger strike is dead, wake and invent
New paths to stroll
All we have left are shells
Outlines of our past selves
Track Name: Bleeding
Well Ive seen those better days in warm red themes
If spring is falling all around me, you could of fooled me
And all this highway travel it wears on my head
If the location stayed the same I could be here
So low to keep the fight up to stay in simple times
Please cross the street
Split weeks define my life now called mental defeat
You fail to see
And so we will stand our roots we trade we sold
The cold hearts we're after left bleeding on there own
Whats the best way of getting what I want
Her lips her care not empty stares
No it's never enough
We gave it up too late
Track Name: Dose
Most people carry on the same
For life they've chosen it that way
I hope I will always change
For life seems so boring the other ways
But don't you don't you ever think of what we had?
It's easy to complain
Pass the torch, now rain
Chemical balances aren't the way to bring us up or down
But I know my dosage now
Do we walk the same
Did I get it right
Paranoia cuts in just right
Did we lock the safe
On these childish fights
We grow to become the ones we deny
And I know my dosage now, the less you learn the more I give
Track Name: Mine
What will this year bring
One failed shot after another
Scaling walls built by myself and my troubles
But who will walk through that door
No more freezing for me
No no more
So keep your eyes open for me
Say you will say your be mine
Before long
Oh I wish you were listening in
To hear what I've said
Oh I wish you were listening in
To feel exactly what I meant
Track Name: Johnny Hughes
Those summer eyes we have been so wrong
Tear away the lines these shallow chases grow
But we lay still in connections we seek to fill
It's in everyone we know as the cold falls hearts slow
We never lie but we crave oh boy
We never lie but we stay
And we cave and we lay still
In connections we seek to fill
It's in everyone we know as the cold falls hearts slow
But it snowed tonight before everyone could see
Calm white air lights up our scene
The claims the tears
Let us know tonight before everyone can see
Calm white air lights up our scene
The claims the tears
And spring awakes to find us here
Barely breathing oh baby don't you care
We'll lose our minds in this sun
Oh girl can't we just soak it up for once